Specialization & Value to Clients

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My goal is to deliver overwhelmingly superior value for clients' investment dollars on a consistent and long-term basis, recognizable to new clients within 6-18 months. Each investor's need for safety will be fully explored so that investment strategies remain within well-defined limits of acceptable risk. Clients should expect prompt and personal attention from a caring professional.

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Richard Keffert

  • Research

    Research, Priority #1

    Making research my first priority runs contrary to the more usual focus of investment professionals on salesmanship. Consistent with my philosophy of bringing value to clients, I believe that clients' fees should support activities that benefit their investments, or improve the quality of the investment experience.

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  • Who do I serve?

    Over three quarters of the assets I help clients with are associated with pre-retirees or retirees. These clients typically pursue conservative growth to moderate growth strategies, with an income stream tailored to individual need. Most of the remaining clients are more than ten years from retirement and focused on accumulation of wealth. Less than one percent of my clients are interested in aggressive trading strategies.

  • Independence is key

    My own independent research strategies are complemented by my choice of LPL Financial as my broker-dealer. LPL Financial is the largest independent broker-dealer in the industry.† Far more objective advice can be provided when a broker dealer is not offering proprietary products or investment banking relationships.

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† As reported in Financial Planning Magazine, June 1996-2009, based on total revenues.